Sooty Smith means ‘blacksmith smeared with soot, and it is a name containing pride and will as manufacturer which has been making socks with master’s spirit for a long period of time.

All outdoor brands all over the world are selling socks displaying their own brands. However, most of them do not manufacture their products. They sell the products at several times higher price compared to their ‘low-enough’ unit price from subcontractors after attaching their brand label on them.

Sooty Smith has been supplying socks to the famous brands in U.S.A. and Japan for about 20 years. We have been doing our job with our pride to make a better product than any others. As a matter of fact, it was pitiful to see consumers purchase the product at such an exorbitant price.

As the times have changed, relationship between manufacturer and consumer has been changing. Manufacturers became able to introduce and sell their own products to the consumers in new environments like internet. Now it is a world where consumers can propose new concepts and designs for products, and new products based on those concepts and designs can be manufactured.

Sooty Smith thought it was time to start its own brand of customized socks like cycling socks, hiking socks, running socks etc.

Many people think that Korean consumers do not stick to quality of socks any more. They say that Koreans are only interested in the price, not caring about product’s country of origin. Also they say that Korea’s manufacturing business is over and there is no way to beat the third country like China. However, Sooty Smith believes that there are still many consumers looking for ‘genuine goods’ and if difference in price is not due to name of brand, but process of manufacturing, there are still many  people in Korea who are willing to pay for that value on product. So we always do a research on what genuine consumers want and needs in outdoor activities and develop them.

Sooty Smith knows socks better than anyone else and that is why Sooty Smith’s sock is different from others.


Sooty Smith is releasing a variety of products optimized for each outdoor activity and manufacturing all products according to 3 standards.


Rule #1:

Comfort Fit

Even though socks have become a fashion item as a element of clothing, Sooty Smith think the basic of socks is the function to protect feet. Sooty Smith’s all products guarantee soft touch, excellent moisture absorption and comfortable wearing sensation during hard activity.

Rule #2:

Durable Finishing

Unfortunately we can not supply products of Sooty Smith at cheap price because they are made of strictly selected best material in Korea. However our products guarantee much more value than price. Our products are not just consumable items of which value disappears after a couple of times of wearing and washing. You can experience excellent durability like shoes which become accustomed to your feet after a long time of wearing.

Rule #3:

Independent Performance

Necessary functions are various according to what kinds of sports or individual activity. In Korea, however, socks with thick cushioning are being sold as if they were the only outdoor-style socks. Instead of those, Sooty Smith supplies functional socks optimized for various outdoor activity as it listens to consumer’s opinion.


Manufacturing good socks starts from testing & selecting proper materials for each products. Sooty Smith has been providing high-quality and suitable products with our experience and ability to control and manufacture each and every materials ranging from natural fibers like cottons to high-tech functional synthetic yarns like lycra, easy cool etc.

mercerized merino wool by sooty smith socks

Mercerized merino wool

Merino wool made from only Merino sheep is thinner than common wool fabric and is excellent in elasticity.  As a result, it has soft touch like silk. We added 1 more finish on it which is called ‘mercerizing’. It has superior shine and better moisture absorption. It presents comfortable and warm sense of wearing.  Even more, it also provide far more durability than common merino wool and you can machine wash these. so there is no need for special care required for common wool fabric.

easy cool function yarn used for Sooty Smith cycling socks

Easy cool

In common, Koreans sweat a lot more so they prefer thick cotton socks. Cotton absorbs moisture well, but does not discharge nice. Easy Cool™ is functional material with strengthened power quickly let weat out during activity. As a result, it reduces bacteria and smell arising from sweat. And also it discharges heat well so you can feel fresh feeling from whole surface touching skin.

lycra spandex used for sooty smith cycling socks

Lycra spandex

It is high density artificial textile made by Du Pont and is a trademark owned by Invista. It is excellent in flexibility and wraps body softly. It has extended durability so the shape of product is kept for a long time. Machine wash does not affect its quality and dirtiness from sweat and oil goes away easily. That’s why this become a name of  high quality material which are used widely on textile industry.


Based on original technology obtained in the course of producing high-price professional outdoor brand socks for 20 years, Sooty Smith is realizing actual function enhancing your performance.

All socks are produced by own planning and design of Sooty Smith and are presented to consumers after a long period of test.

high density knitting technology of sooty smith socks

High Density Knitting

This technology is the basis of our excellent durability. Socks manufactured with more needle per area have better sense of cushioning and durability while keeping the socks lightweight.

y heel knitting of sooty smith socks

Y Heel Support

They give more space for heel than common sewing method. That’s why socks can stay in place during activity and also create more comfortable fit.

open mesh sooty smith

Mesh Structure

By putting mesh structure in some parts of socks with open knitting technology, our socks have better mosisture wicking ability and better heat control.

sooty smith arch support

Achilles Tendon Support

By reinforcing composition on area of arch where more damage is done, socks become more comfortable and protective while preventing socks-twisting within the shoes.

sooty smith socks cushion

Double Cushioning

Additional layer is added for sole and heel where more protection is required. Sooty Smith uses functioning material also for cushion, which raise up the main yarn contents up to 85%. That’s why Sooty Smith socks are more functional comfortable than others.

sooty smith cycling socks lightweight

Light Weight

For professional purpose, shoes are manufactured so as to be exactly tight on foot without any space. So socks with extra bulkiness is not a good choice for professionals. To prevent these problems, Sooty Smith socks are made light weight with many skills we have including high knitting technology.